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painting by Jay Hendrick
Logician’s Stumble Fort(h)
acrylic and oil on canvas

I took a discarded undergrad's painting out of the garbage and used what colors and images were present to layer dissonance; their "poor" painting colluding and colliding with my "poor" painting. This dialogue functions in several ways: firstly it analyzes the institutions from whence it has come (an art school); techniques and ideas. Secondly it depicts a dialogue taking place all over the world, that being between "vandals" and their environments; this being an attempt at finding some kind of place humans can coexist. Lastly, this series functions as an analysis of high and low, sacred and profane and the threshold between the values of modernity and this "post-this," and "after-that" era we live in. Smashing together flatness, banal vocabulary, and institutional critique.